We here at SantiagoUO ask that you be respectful during your time here on the shard towards your fellow players the staff and the shard it’s self. This is your community so please respect it and don’t do anything that could affect it in a negative way. The following rules are what helps keep the shard balanced, positive and enjoyable for everyone, please follow and respect those rules. In any situation that arises the staffs decision is final, please do not argue with them and stay respectful.

General Rules

  • If you think something might be illegal it’s probably illegal.
  • If a rule isn’t there and staff thinks what you are doing is illegal, it’s illegal. Please stop when asked.
  • If you page a staff member, describe your problem. Pages saying “I need help plz” and anything similar, will be removed.
  • Staff will never ask for your passwords, don’t give them to anyone.
  • You can have 2 accounts max per PERSON AND IP, 2 accounts online but only 1 may be gathering resources (Mining, Lumberjacking, Fishing).
  • If you find a bug, report it on the forums or page in game. Don’t abuse them and ruin your shard!
  • If you take advantage of a bug, you will be punished which may include a permanent ban from the shard.
  • It is illegal to repeatedly harass any player or staff member! Be respectful.
  • You may not place a house less than 20 steps away from the entrance of any dungeon, mine or city.
  • Houses can’t be blocked in any range, you should be able to run around it.
  • Houses may not be placed on any roadway or PVP designated area. If you are unsure ask a staff member.
  • Houses must be placed with minium of 3 tiles from other house.
  • Auto PVP scripts are forbidden.
  • AFK Hunting scripts are forbidden.
  • Auto Hunting scripts are forbidden.
  • Spamming chat with other Shards information is prohibited and disrespectful, don’t do it.
  • Hacking or looting others accounts will get you banned.
  • Account sale or purchase is forbidden, if we have evidences of it, the account will be blocked.

Listen to staff’s instructions at all times. Prizing is determined by the amount of entries and will be given out at staff’s discretion. The following spells are forbidden during ALL events (earthquake, chain lightning, polymorph).

Jail Sentences

    icon Bug Abuse – We will consider the bug that was abused, punishment could be anything from jail time to an account ban. Why abuse a bug and risk your account being wiped when you can report the bug and be rewarded?

Auto Hunt Scripts

    icon 1 month jail and full account items nuked, including house.

Spam others shards

    icon Banned

Auto Buy/Sell scripts with captcha bypass

    icon Banned